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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

I decided to start growing my hair out during weeks 15 & 16 in order to test the “visual effect” thus far. It definitely looks thicker and is filling in nicely, but there are still some thin areas, so I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for this step. I will give it until around Christmas and reevaluate the situation. Of course, as I’ve stated before, it usually takes as much as a year to see the full effect, so hoping for a stylish “do” after only a few months isn’t realistic. I fully understand that, but I still find it worthwhile to get some length and make objective comparisons to the pre-surgery condition. Finally, my head has been a little itchy again lately, but I’m taking this as a positive sign. If you’ve ever shaved or waxed other areas of your body—from what I hear—you may experience itching during the regrowth period, so…let’s just hope the roots have taken root and are producing new fruit! On a final-final note, I started my vacation last week, so all-in-all it has been a great couple of weeks.

Week 15

 The first pic is another elevator snapshot on the way out to church.
The second pic is of my son and me watching a toy robot.
He was scared and huddled up closely to me.
A quick double selfie before heading off to work.
I was a little busier than usual this week due to the upcoming vacation, so I didn't take as many photos as usual.

One of the last pictures taken at work before going on vacation.
I'm quite excited on the inside-trust me!
Week 16
This may look like an ordinary selfie holding a bag of frozen food, but it is quite special.
This is leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and I'm about to thaw it out and devour it. Enough said.

The first pic is a top headshot, trying to show the new growth and areas yet to fill in.
You can certainly see a difference from pre-surgery, but there's still a winding road ahead.
The second picture is of my son giving me "glasses" or "new eyes". He loved it and laughed like crazy every time they fell out.
The third pic is a great show with my daughter after waking up in the morning. What a gift to wake up to that smiling face every day!

Eating out after church on Sunday. My son was being super cute and we snapped tons of pics, but I won't overwhelm you with all of them.

Am I contemplating life? Working out a difficult math equation?
Staring at a mosquito? The world may never know...

Pic 1 and 2 are of my daughter and me visiting my work. At the start of each vacation, I like to take her there and walk around. We "teach" each other in a classroom and eat some pizza. It's very precious time for me, and hopefully for her.
The third pic is my daughter wearing her new Snow White dress. I love pretending with her, but I don't make a very good dwarf...

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