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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

Another 2 weeks of quiet progression. It’s getting harder and harder to notice physical changes from week to week. I haven’t cut my hair for some weeks now, however; so the thinner crown area is more noticeable. I will cut it soon in preparation for returning to work. In regard to my last post about the transplanted hairs seeming longer or growing in a different direction: I still haven’t asked about it, but I do think there is a difference. For example, when my hair is quite short, the non-transplanted hair naturally tends to “spike” or stand up straight as it grows out. However, the transplanted hair doesn’t seem to do this as strongly. It seems to lie against my scalp more, in a “relaxed” position. Again, I don’t know if this is normal or if it will change, so I will ask soon.

Week 23
Playing on his sister's floor with his sister's toys... maye she's playing in HIS room??
My daughter will go to a new school next year, so she was trying on her new outfit!

The first pic is me in pain, after pulling a muscle from picking up my enormous son in the wrong way.
The next three pics are after going to the hospital, getting a shot (muscle relaxant), and picking up some painkillers. Can you see the difference?
Again in his sister's room, just playing around.

Pic 1: Reading a new book with my son - an interactive fire truck story. You can't go wrong here!
Pic 2: Having fun with my daughter('s hair) after bath time.
Week 24
I love playing the classic games with my kids; the games I grew up on. Now that's roots!

Pic 1: Using "hand voodoo" to make my hair grow.
Pic 2: Checking the results. Looks like we need more voodoo...or patience...or grafts?

Pic 1-2: We went to grandma's to celebrate the Chinese New Year. My daughter couldn't wait to put on her Hanbok, Korean traditional costume. My son couldn't stand the idea... but they both love piano!
Pic 3: After a week of recovery from my back injury, here I am waiting to meet a friend for food and drinks.

Pic 1: Random selfie while wandering around the apartment.
Pic 2: Eating a snack and doing sticker books before bedtime. And, yes, that's teepee in the background...

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