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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

The last 2 weeks of post-surgery life went by very quietly. I didn’t notice any differences from the previous posting. According to the doctor, new hairs can still be coming out, so I hope it’s happening and it’s just getting harder to notice. Again, my main area of concern now is the crown, so I’m carefully watching that spot for new growth. I have let my hair grow out a bit again. I do notice that when it’s longer, you can see a slight difference between my “hometown” hairs and the transplanted areas (see Wk22 Close-up pics). It seems the transplanted grafts are growing in a different direction and/or are growing faster? It doesn’t look bad per se, but of course I want the 2 sections to blend as smoothly as possible. I will have to ask specifics to the international patient manager about this. When I get new info I will certainly post it!

Week 21

Out and about with the boy. He usually falls asleep in the car.
The second pic is us eating at a Chicago-style pizza place. Pretty tasty!

Three more candid photos - just another lazy Sunday afternoon.
There's something about these elevator shots... some of my favorites!

At the local "playland" with my girl again.
Don't mind her crazy hair - she was bouncing like crazy just before the picture.

The first 2 pics are playing with my kids at home.
The last is a well-lit selfie that shows my head condition well.
Week 22

We took the kids to the Monet exhibition downtown.
They seemed to like the free military history museum (right next door) better.

Checking how things measure up with my son.
A non-selfie taken by my daughter.

A great time playing doctor with my children.
My daughter has a very good bedside manner.
My son...well, he's getting better!

I apologize for the cheesy, GQ-style shot, but it shows the head well!
I LOVE this pic with  my daufhter. Sooo b-e-a-u-tiful.

Pic 1: Nice profile head shot with the kids.
Pic 2: Another picture shot by my daughter.
Pic 3: An update pic on how the crown is looking.

Took my son to a brand-new kids' cafe in the area.
It's quite interactive, from bubbles to sand to net bridges.
Let's just say he enjoyed himself (and wore both of us out).

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