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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

The Christmas season has brought a lot of activities and get-togethers, making weeks 17 and 18 busy, but blessed. I continued to grow my hair out until just after Christmas, but as you’ll notice in the pictures, I went back to my “default” setting for a while longer, and honestly, I’m glad I did. My hair actually looks “fuller” with less hair. The differences in density aren’t as noticeable with the shorter length, so I’ll stick with this for another month or two and regrow. I am still experiencing some itching, but without any real bother. I haven’t missed one day of medication since I started taking it about 3 months ago, and I feel more-or-less normal these days in the libido department. It was a bit of a bumpy ride, so it’s great to be on the smoother end of things.

Week 17

I wanted to get a cute, calm pic of us together before my son went into the doctor's office for 2 immunization shots. Needless to say, he wasn't quite this happy on the way out...
My daughter and me exploring some playground equipment. It's definitely worth it to get off your phone and jump right into the action.
My son wanted to ride in the cart at the supermarket. I didn't realize he wanted the caged experience.

This picture shows how one can notice the difference in hair density from growing it out.
The peaking of my forehead areas definitely looks thinner, but when you see the post-haircut pics, you will have trouble noticing.
Another out-and-about selfie. You can also notice that the hair right in the front center of my head seems quite puffy compared to the areas on each side. Another reason I shaved it off a few days later.
Week 18

The first pic is a Christmas photo with my son. He's holding a small gift - one of (too) many -from my parents in the U.S.
The second photo is a Christmas selfie that shows, although the densities of certain areas ARE different, overall, it's looking pretty good. Yes, I have some white hairs (if you didn't notice earlier), but that doesn't bother me. Hairs: come one, come all- any shape, size, or color... you are welcome!
The third pic is a great shot of my daughter and me playing music with her 2nd cousins on Christmas. We were certainly rockin' around the Christmas tree!

This first pic is one of my favorites from 2015. I have titled it: (AS/Des)cending love: Simply put - Sending love. Memories don't get much sweeter than this.
I apologize for the abrupt change of "scenery" in the second pic. I was excited to show off the Spidey tattoo I stole (I mean, received) from my son. He's not interested in wearing them and I'd hate for them to go to waste.
Third pic is my son and me rolling dough to make cookies. From this angle my hair looks pretty good (still before my haircut), and so does the cookie dough!
Another hospital shot, but I love it. My son has developed a slight cold, so we went to pick up some medication. He never seems sick, which is wonderful.
My son sleeping it off while strolling around outside. If you tilt your head, you'll see that my hairline looks pretty solid in the front.

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