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FORHAIR Real Story

Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in KoreaI let my hair grow out quite a bit during the last couple weeks, but I still had concerns about how it looked from the back, so I shaved it off again! I asked about the hair texture/rigidity and am currently waiting for an answer. There still is a hint of coloration in the transplanted areas, which is more obvious when cut short. I’m not sure how long this will/could last. Maybe another question for Forhair clinic. These were my last couple weeks off before going back to work (this coming Monday), so I enjoyed as much as possible! Week 25 My daughter just before going outdoors to explore.

Selfies with my kiddos before / after? Bedtime. My hair was getting quite "long"... Appreciating the time with my son at church. Smells great, too!
Pic 1: Christams in... February? In our house, it's always possible. Pic 2: Back on the roof again to grill some sausage for lunch!
I did it. I shaved my head by myself. It took a whil…

FORHAIR Real Story

Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in KoreaAnother 2 weeks of quiet progression. It’s getting harder and harder to notice physical changes from week to week. I haven’t cut my hair for some weeks now, however; so the thinner crown area is more noticeable. I will cut it soon in preparation for returning to work. In regard to my last post about the transplanted hairs seeming longer or growing in a different direction: I still haven’t asked about it, but I do think there is a difference. For example, when my hair is quite short, the non-transplanted hair naturally tends to “spike” or stand up straight as it grows out. However, the transplanted hair doesn’t seem to do this as strongly. It seems to lie against my scalp more, in a “relaxed” position. Again, I don’t know if this is normal or if it will change, so I will ask soon.

Week 23 Playing on his sister's floor with his sister's toys... maye she's playing in HIS room?? My daughter will go to a new school next y…