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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

Weeks 11 & 12 went by quickly and with no real changes to speak of. I still notice the coming and going of scalp redness, and the presence of numbness in the transplant areas. I did notice a bit more skin blemishes on my head recently, as you will notice in some of the pictures. I’m not sure of the reasons behind it, but it has caused my head to itch a little bit. I started being even more cautious about sweat, etc., and started washing my scalp less—yes, LESS (I think I may have been drying out/irritating my skin from too much exposure to water). As far as regrowth, I may swear I have a new hair or two, but it’s really just guessing (hoping) at this point. When I close my eyes and rub my forehead and crown, it SEEMS I feel more follicles and less scalp, but don’t quote me on that! That said, here are some pics from the last 14 days.

Week 11

The first pic is a selfie heading home from work on a sunny, November day. The second pic is a rare shot of my son actually sitting still - watching me play guitar and hopefully taking notes.
I know we have no control over the "roots" we plant in our children - our DNA - that I can't help but feel bad that my son seems to sweat a lot like his father. Yes, that's sweat holding his hair up, not gel.
I hope your mother's genes come out more in this regard as you reach puberty...

This selfie is a bit dark, but what a great shot of the changing seasons. This is not only about the leaves outside, but also about the "fallen leaves" from my head, soon to grow back after a short "hibernation".
I got a great shot with my kids playing. Visible redness on my children's faces from hurting themselves, but none whatsoever on my scalp this day! Pic 3 is dada playing doctor. Are the glasses a good look for me??
Another great "on-the-elevator" shot of my daughter and me.
Week 12
This picture of us 3 is great, but you can notice the puffy eyes on my kids. I believe they had recently woken up, plus my son had a sty or other skin issue around his eye at the time. We don't care - we push through the "pain" and have fun!
In pic 2, my daughter had just got her hair cut and styled. She was so excited, and almost proud, to show me.

This picture of my daughter playing violin and my son "listening" is awesome. He reminds me of the typical drunk guy from the movies... at a concert with his shirt off, yelling for songs up in the front row. That IS milk you're drinking, right, buddy??
Pic 2: I love that my daughter loves taking pictures with me. That she just loves spending time with me. Life comes in phases, and I know this phase will only last so long. I have to soak it up while I can!

What a lovely shot of my girl getting a piggy-back ride from me. I like to think of it as a walking hug... This other pic was taken during a church activity the day before. We didn't take it, but I thought she looked very beautiful and grown up, so I asked the photographer to send it to me. What a special moment captured!

 The first picture is another great shot of my daughter leaning on my shoulders. The second is a subway selfie on the way to work. Some redness on my scalp, and even more in my eyes from just waking up.

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