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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

I didn't notice much change from week 5 to 6. I think most (if not all) of the transplanted hair has fallen out, and I still have some redness. My physical reaction to the medication is also similar to last week, but at least it hasn't worsened. I'm just not focusing on it much and trying to push through, planning to come out victorious on the other side! I wasn't able to snap quite as many pics as I usually like to because my family was pretty sick this week. Not surprising, however, they still look great and you'd never know they were ill! Here's the week in review.
Day 36

A "candid" pose of a resting hair-transplantee. In this day and age of selfies, I'll let you decide if I'm really sleeping or not...
Day 36
FORHAIR 1 month checkup. First pic is me on the way to the clinic for my 1 month checkup. 2nd~4th pictures show me getting the provided aftercare, included in the original deal. I received an exfoliating, steam, shampoo massage, tonic hair/scalp treatment, and laser treatment. All-in-all I was there almost an hour.
Day 39

Believe or not, my children are sick here. They had some virus, cold, flu, or the like. Maybe a combo of all... If I could look half this good when healthy I'd surely have no complaints! Here is a little more of my daughter because she was posing so nicely... and because I'm crazy about her.
Day 40

Again, my son was quite sickly, but has soooo much energy and testosterone that you'd never know it.
More random shots from my workplace. It's interesting that even though the transplanted hair fell out, it's not THAT noticeable (yet) because the red scalp creates a faux hairline that can be mistaken for the real deal if you don't focus on it!

Day 41
I bought a tailored dress shirt in the US and tried it out at work this day. Honestly, I think it looked much better than my other dress shirts (too puffy and loose), but the extra tightness made me sweat more... You can't have everything, right?
Day 42
After a serious, drawn-out bout of sickness, it was wonderful to snap a very special picture with my daughter. When you see your "roots" in pain, feeling sick, there is nothing that rips your heart out more. Looking good is a luxury- feeling good is a necessity!

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