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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

Weeks 13 and 14 were quite encouraging. The overall redness seems to be dying down, and with less itching. I had a couple larger, scalp pimples over the past couple weeks, but they have since disappeared (with a little help from my fingers I must admit). My hope that a few follicles had started growing back was confirmed by Forhair’s international patient coordinator and by several other “innocent bystanders”, so that is exciting news. I have passed through the valley and am starting the upward accent! My libido is also doing pretty well and I just picked up another year’s worth of medication from the pharmacy. I’m not sure how/if pricing differs from region to region or country to country, but I will admit that in (my Seoul neighborhood) Korea, a year’s worth of Proscar is quite affordable. It costs me around 75 USD (as of Dec, 2015). If I could figure out an effective way to cut the pills into FIFTHS instead of fourths, it would be that much more affordable! It was a great 2 weeks—which also included Thanksgiving—and I must say I am extremely thankful…for the prospect of new hair, sure, but also for so much more. Just look at my pictures and you’ll observe many things that warrant my gratitude.

Week 13
Here I am hanging with my son (and daughter somewhere...) at the outlet mall.
They watched a kids' play based on Little Red Riding Hood.
Here's a candid of my tired but happy self.
I believe if you look closely at this picture, then examine one from the end of week 14, you will see a noticeable difference in the amount of new hairs.
Test it out!

The first pic doesn't show hair lines, I know, but it was too cute not to post.
Just a couple cool guys trying to stay cheesy...
The second pic is my son and I goofing off in a local cafe.

What a wonderful picture of my daughter as we head home from a wholesale grocery after buying Thanksgiving provision.
The pic of us two and "the alien hat" was taken later that day.
This winter hat was actually made by my mother-in-law for my son, but he has yet to try it on.
Maybe he's afraid he will be taken to someone's leader...

Here's my attempt at trying to give a little closer look at the new growth starting on my scalp.
In Tuesday's pic it's easier to see the overall state, while Wed is good for pinpointing specific "black dot" hair-growth points.

Week 14
A great pic of my nose, I mean my hair, after a couple days of growth.
My boy and I standing in the entryway to our apartment.
Are we coming? Are we going?
If we're together, I really don't care that much!

Here's a selfie with the newly-constructed Christmas tree.
This pic shows the diminished redness of the scalp and highlights some of the new hairs growing in- both in the front and throughout the top, crown area.
The second pic with my son was a fun time.
Eating bread and proud of it... that's my boy.
Winter is upon us and it's time to bundle up.
Have to try a little harder to keep my head warm since I'm going with the shaved look.
I'm thinking about starting to grow it out for a bit and test "the look" with the new growth so far.

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