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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

The past two weeks have been relatively uneventful as far as transplant news. Overall, I suppose that’s a positive thing, not encountering any oddities or illness up there! Due to the lack of visual “progress”, I have also started combining two weeks into one post, as I’m sure you noticed last time. The doctor said the regrowth process will take several months, so as a courtesy to the blog reader (and myself), I figured it’s better to give the abridged version during this time. As soon as I start seeing solid, visible results, I may choose to post weekly again to allow for a more detailed account of the results. NOTE: I also changed the format of the picture descriptions. I will now give the week number and the day (e.g. “Wk 10, Tues”) instead of counting the actual days since surgery. That number is starting to get pretty high and I think the new system works just as well!

The scalp redness I thought was waning actually seems to come and go like the tide. It doesn’t bother me per se, but I wish I could pinpoint the cause(s) of the fluctuation. I still have some numbness in the transplant areas, which is not bothersome at all. My libido continues to grow and will hopefully be back to normal in the next few weeks. I have been on the meds about 2 months now. It’s all quite a lengthy process, but I knew that going in. I will continue waiting patiently for my roots to free the fresh follicles from within and to find solace in their new home.
Week 9

A quick selfie before heading onto the roof for some grilling. I love this time of year in Korea. It's so short and I must take advantage often! I grilled some nice German sausage for the family today.
Sehr gut!

Another office picture. Almost no visible redness at this time on this day.

This is the pumpkin my daughter carved this year. My son seemed very interested in getting involed, but not until next year - sorry, buddy!

"Elsa" is ready for trick-or-treating around our aprtment complex. No one in Korea really does this, so we organize an "event" with my wife's students. It's a hit every year.
Week 10
I'm waiting for that new hairline to start coming in. Sometimes it feels like I'm waiting for paint to dry, but I have to believe, it WILL dry- someday! Also, here's my daughter (I mean, Elsa) making another Halloween appearance at a work party. I dressed up as Harrison Ford (meaning, I wore an Indiana Jones t-shirt).

Another Monday morning at work. Perhaps it looks like I forgot to get ready, however, my job allows for "oversights" such as not shaving or not wearing a suit.

This picture brings a great story with it. I came home from work and was drawing with my girl. Suddenly, she stopped, stared at me, and said, "Dada, I love you so much..." I looked at her, holding back tears, and sincerely returned the gesture. Then she added, "I love you so much more than people I don't like... or don't know..." Thanks, babe! Oddly enough, I now love her even more!

The first two pics are my daughter and I exchanging affection via kisses. She doesn't ask about my hair anymore, so I think she has grown accustomed. The third picture tries to give a close view of the current state. You can notice some redness and maybe a few new hairs popping through. Those may be old hairs and I'm just transferring my desires.

A cute candid with my son. I wish I had more pics with him, but it's hard to keep that guy still long enough to get a decent shot!


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