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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

As I near the 2-month mark after surgery, the days (and weeks) continue melding together more and more. I would say there have been no notable changes to the physical appearance or condition of my head, save the redness. The scalp in my transplanted areas has started to return to its normal color. It's wonderful to see the redness go away, but I also know this means my true, current hairline will be more visible. Again, it's all part of the process and nothing to get too stressed about. On a final, positive note, I do believe the medication is starting to "settle in" (or settle down), meaning my libido has been picking up. Here's hoping the trend continues... great to start feeling a bit more like my old self again!
Day 45
Here we are, just engaging in random acts of life around the apartment. From celebrating the completion of reading a book to making apples roses with mom, there is always something to be excited (and proud) about.
I always try to get different angles in different lights to give a more comprehensive view of my hair condition.
Day 46
 Just playing with my younger self... taking selfies!

To keep a closer cut during the transition, I go to the salon about once a week.

Someone in our apartment usually has their shirt off. I'm not sure if it's genetic or cultural...ha!
Day 48
 Cut, coffee, charisma...what more do I need before heading into class? Oh, a lesson plan maybe...
Day 49
I couldn't resist posting this pic of my son trying on his Halloween costume early. It didn't stay on long, but at least we got some great shots.


 Day 50

I'm not that old, but the sustained energy levels of this kids are extraordinary!
Day 51
My wife snapped this one while I was away on a school outing with my daughter. Nothing like being away and getting an instant cheer-up message with this attached.

My daughter's school organized a trip to the country, only for fathers. We picked sweet potatoes, made scarecrows, went "rafting" (floating on a raft), and caught fish with our bare hands. It was a long day, but we planted some relational roots that will hold firm.
Day 53
At Costo. Just taking a quick candid before stocking up on all the western goodies. Must-buy items at this locale: peanut butter, childhood cereal brands, coffee, strong gum, condiments, grilling supplies, meat, meat, more meat, and deli cheese!
Day 54

I spent the afternoon at the mall with my boy. We took the subway in -naptime for him, ate some French fries and bread, walked around stores, looked at mall fish, and finally hit the playground near home.
Day 55

My son is trying to take control of the camera more and more. He took these pictures... and about 20 others that I had to delete...
Another great morning getting my daughter ready for preschool.
Day 56

From pianos to books to trains to paints, we have it all and they enjoy making a mess with all of it!

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