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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

Week 5 was much like week 4 - continued fun with family and continued hair loss in transplanted areas. You will also notice there is still redness, but I was told this is normal and could last up to 2 months. In some pics my scalp looks much redder than in others, and this is simply due to either having my hair cut right before or just me rubbing/picking the blemishes on my face. I haven't felt any pain or discomfort for a couple weeks now, but the transplanted areas are still a bit "numb" to the touch. The medication I'm on, Proscar, has started to show some side effects, but I won't get into that now until I give it a bit more time to work itself into my system. Let's just say my libido seems to be going through a transition period right now. I was told by the clinic that there are options available if it becomes a serious problem, but again, let's deal with that if/when it's necessary.

Day 30

Here I am playing inside with my daughter and playing outside with my son. It's hard to see my hairline in a lot of these pictures due to shaving my hair nearly to the skin. At least I know I would look ok (in my humble opinion) if I ever decided to just shave it!

I suddenly realized I have been trying really hard to make sure I'm in all the pictures because it's "my" hair blog, but honestly, I would rather showcase my sweet, b-e-a-u-tiful children, so why not throw in some individual candids of them on occasion?!?! This is that!

I wanted to try and give a clearer idea of what your head of hair may look like at this point. It won't be exact, of course, but should give a solid, general idea of what to expect.

 Day 32

I spent the afternoon hanging out with my son. We played some "b-ball" (meaning threw the ball up and down the slide) and walked around the store a bit. 

Day 33

My wife helped my daughter make her first-year rainbow cake. It was quite the process and pretty tedious work, but they did an excellent job. I'm the official poison checker/taste tester, and it got my full approval ... on several occasions... until it was gone!
For the first time ever, I brouhgt my daughter up on the roof to show her the steps for cooking on the grill. She really seemed to enjoy it and I'm hopefully prepping my future BBQ chef (or at least assistant). The rooftop is a special place for me, and even more so when I get to share it with my family!

Day 34

Here are some pics to show the progression of my scalp and hair loss. Again, these pics are a bit redder than usual - sometimes it's an external factor (like I mentioned, a hair cut or rubbing), but sometimes it's just the lighting from what I can tell. These are a combo of both I believe.
Day 35 
Another selfie at aork. When I'm not prepping for class, eating lunch, or exercising, then I try to take a few seconds and snap a quick candid for my records. You can see why I decided to keep my head almost shaved. You'll notice a nice "tuft" sprouting up in the front center, while my transplanted areas have little to no hair. It isn't the best look for me, so we'll go with a more "aerodynamic" look for a few months!"

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