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FORHAIR Real Story

Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea
Weeks 13 and 14 were quite encouraging. The overall redness seems to be dying down, and with less itching. I had a couple larger, scalp pimples over the past couple weeks, but they have since disappeared (with a little help from my fingers I must admit). My hope that a few follicles had started growing back was confirmed by Forhair’s international patient coordinator and by several other “innocent bystanders”, so that is exciting news. I have passed through the valley and am starting the upward accent! My libido is also doing pretty well and I just picked up another year’s worth of medication from the pharmacy. I’m not sure how/if pricing differs from region to region or country to country, but I will admit that in (my Seoul neighborhood) Korea, a year’s worth of Proscar is quite affordable. It costs me around 75 USD (as of Dec, 2015). If I could figure out an effective way to cut the pills into FIFTHS instead of fourths, it w…

FORHAIR Real Story

Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in KoreaWeeks 11 & 12 went by quickly and with no real changes to speak of. I still notice the coming and going of scalp redness, and the presence of numbness in the transplant areas. I did notice a bit more skin blemishes on my head recently, as you will notice in some of the pictures. I’m not sure of the reasons behind it, but it has caused my head to itch a little bit. I started being even more cautious about sweat, etc., and started washing my scalp less—yes, LESS (I think I may have been drying out/irritating my skin from too much exposure to water). As far as regrowth, I may swear I have a new hair or two, but it’s really just guessing (hoping) at this point. When I close my eyes and rub my forehead and crown, it SEEMS I feel more follicles and less scalp, but don’t quote me on that! That said, here are some pics from the last 14 days.

Week 11 
The first pic is a selfie heading home from work on a sunny, November day. The se…