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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

Week number 4 brought some big changes, not only for my follicles, but also for my family. My sister-in-law got married, thus adding another “brother” into my life. My children were in the wedding, and it was the first time I made a very public appearance post surgery. This was also the week where the transplanted hairs began to fall out regularly, starting to show my pre-op disposition. Thus, you will notice about halfway through the pictures, I have a shaved head. I plan to keep it this way during the transition period to make it less obvious, and so as to not shock myself too much when glancing in the mirror. All things considered, a wonderful week of life!
Day 23
My wife actually agreed to me posting a pic of us together. Of course, she always looks great, but nice clothes and professional makeup gave me the green light today.

Getting all dolled up for my sister-in-law's wedding. Honestly, I don't particularly enjoy dressing up, but I think this outfit suits me (without being an uncomfortable suit)! A few more pics of the family getting ready to welcome the new couple into this world. We arrived (too) early at the wedding hall and had quite a time trying to keep the kids occupied - especially my son.
Day 24

My daughter and I cut our hair together. It's great she's getting old enough to enjoy these types of activities together. The haircut itself went pretty well, but i would definitely wait at least 3 weeks to cut it after surgery. That's what I did and I still had ONE graft (or maybe just a razor cut) that bled. Teel the stylist to treat carefully for sure!

I don't mind the shaved look, but prefer to have longer, styled hair. Until that hopeful day, I will imagine I'm a manly movie star and keep on smiling...or snarling.
Here is a close-up of the new hairdo. You can see the transplanted area is a little redder due to the pressure of the razor.
Day 26
More lovely pics of my daughter and me before heading to school. It's customary to dress in traditional Korean clothes (Hanbok) for their version of Thanksgiving. So many things to be thankful for! 
Day 26

I realized I had never posted pics from inside my REAL place of work-the classroom- not just my office. I think my students are very curious about my hair and all the changes going on, but no one is brave enough to ask.

Day 28

Here are the close-ups from this week. You may be able to notice the areas where some hairs have fallen out in preparation for the next growth cycle.

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