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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

Week 3 was very positive overall, as far as hair transplant progress goes. I began washing my hair for the first time in 2 weeks, and the remaining redness in the transplanted areas continued to decrease. I resumed my exercise regimen as usual and have encountered no issues. Look at the pictures posted and take a stroll through my week!

Week 3. My shampooing experience


Day 15
I decided to wait an extra day to shampoo, just to be cautious. As directed, I GENTLY massaged the transplanted areas along with the rest of my head. I felt wonderfully strange, as I finally was able to "scratch" my itching, but still felt some desensitization in the areas.

You can still notice some flaking and collections of grease and blood, but this washed out over the next few days of shampooing. I suppose I could have taken a really long shower and massaged it all out at once, but again, I decided to air on the side of caution and take my time. Anyway, much better than the dirty head pic from last week.

 I wanted to include this picture of the aftermath of shmpooing for a couple reasons. First, you have to remember that your transplanted hair (up to 80% of transplanted hairs) will fall out. Believe me, it's easy to start getting used to seeing that new hairline and "forget" that this is just the first step in the process. However, take heart because it you did everything correctly, the grafts have taken root and your new hair will start growing back as the growth cycles come. I don't think there is an extra time frame, but I was told the entire process will probably take around a year. Second, at least in my experience, I didn't lose much hair with the first shampooing. I think I was half-expecting all the trasnplanted hair to come flying out with the first encounter. It could be simply because I'm such a gentle guy......

Day 16
I really love snapping pics with my kids and try to do it a few times a week at least. I used to dislike posing pictures of myself online because of my hairline, but these days it has become much easier!

Day 17
Just some quick shots to show my general hairline correction, redness, and the cleanliness level of my hair.

Day 18
Here I am going about my daily routine- catching the bus, catching some caffeine, and catching a "break" in my office.

Day 19
Passing time, waiting for the subway home from work.

Day 20
As usual, getting a nice shot before taking my daughter to preschool. These are the moments I really hope to remember, and getting a nice photo should help me to do that, even when I'm old and forgetful.

My son got a Fedora to wear at his aunt's wedding(pictures coming next week!), so we were messing around with it.

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