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Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea

 I’m a family man. I grew up believing that one generation has the opportunity—the obligation, really—to pass on its wisdom, skills, and culture to the next. These are true roots and should never be taken lightly. That said, as I grew into a man, I realized another kind of root was not as strong as my family roots. My genetic disposition seemed to be fostering hair loss, and from an early age. By the time I was 30, it seemed the corners of my forehead were eagerly running back to be united with my increasingly-thinning crown. Honestly, I have always been happy with my body and wouldn’t consider myself an overly vain person, but my balding was really starting to wear on me. I kept telling myself, “It’s okay if it happens when I’m 50 or 60…maybe even 40-something, but 30—that’s too young!”

 Finally, when I reached my mid-thirties, I decided to do something about it. Due to my circumstances, I found myself living and working in South Korea and was a bit worried about the process there. I had so many questions I needed answered: How experienced were the doctors? What technology were they using? Was it painful? How would I communicate as a foreigner in another country? How long would the process take and how much would it cost me? All these questions and more came flooding in. I hope this blog can serve not only to help me record and process my hair transplant experience, but also to help answer these questions for others who may be considering hair transplant surgery in Korea. Of course, I can only relay information and details based on MY experience, so keep that in mind as you research and make your decision. I wish you well on your journey, and now let mine begin…a journey of looking for answers and rediscovering roots…

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