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[NEWS] Medical Asia 2016 awarded to FORHAIR Hair Transplant Korea

FORHAIR Korea, ‘Medical Asia 2016’ award for Global medical service

At the 9th annual Medical Asia awards, FORHAIR Korea was recognized for superior Global medical service in the Hair Transplant industry. Held on the 28th last month at the Seoul Plaza Hotel Grand Ballroom, FORHAIR Korea was chosen among 46 medical institutions whom successfully attract and treat patients from overseas.

Some history about FORHAIR Korea includes being the 1st American hair transplant clinic in Korea while featuring Golden Follicle skills and techniques. With independently developed equipment that are US-patented and being FUE specialized. The CIT/C2G surgery methods are utilized for the highest engraftment rates and lowest follicle damage. These labor intensive procedures follow the 1 surgery 1 day policy for utmost care and attention to each individual patient. Patients both local and from abroad can be at ease that they are in the best and safe hands. 

FORHAIR Korea is the Asia headquarters of the FORHAI…