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Real American FUE at FORHAIR Korea

FUE Hair Transplants, in pictures 

Korean celebrities including Jung Joonha and comedian Kim Hyunchul have received hair transplant surgeries. Getting a hair transplant isn’t just for celebrities, though. There are many people who get anywhere from beard transplants, sideburn transplants, all the way to full FUE hair transplants. 

Being minimally invasive yet safe with good results, this post will talk about FUE hair transplants with pictures. 

> Hair transplant origins 
The earliest known case of hair transplants were developed by a Japanese doctor in 1939. This doctor successfully transplanted hair follicles of a patient who had lost hairs due to burn injuries. This crude surgery was the predecessor of FUT (follicular unit transplantation) or strip surgery. 

> Hair transplant principles 
A transplanted hair retains its original characteristics after transplantation. Hence, in hair transplants, hairs that are resistant to thinning/balding are selected and transplanted. This results i…

What determines good hair transplant results?

CIT Hair Transplant, the key to high engraftment rates 

This post will serve to inform those in choosing the right FUE hair transplant clinic. Those who suffer from male pattern baldness or female hair loss can both be treated with hair transplant surgery. 

Determining the area of hair loss, accurately is the best way to improve hair loss symptoms. 

Usually, for male pattern baldness, hair loss medication is a good first step of treatment. However, in severe cases hair transplant surgery is the best course of action. 

Next, let’s find out about CIT FUE transplants. 

The above is a magnified view of hair grafts. In CIT FUE surgery, follicular units are collected and as you can see, one graft has 3 individual hairs. 

Just as the picture shows, sometimes a follicular unit can have more than 1 single hair. Graft collection is a key part of FUE hair transplants. Each hair is carefully extracted and stored. Since the CIT surgery process is done by hand, a high level of skill is required to preven…

Is hairline correction necessary?

Hairline correction information
There are many people who get FUE hair transplants for their hair loss, but what if the hair loss is minor or just beginning? In that case, FUE hairline correction can be a suitable choice.

The importance of hairlines
Everyone has differently shaped hairlines, and as people get older hairs get thinner and can fall off. When designing hairlines, these factors and more must be considered for the most natural results. It would be strange if an elderly person had the hairline of a child!

The hairline helps to frame a person’s face. It plays an important role in determining appearance,. Hairline correction can aesthetically improve with almost permanent effects.

That is why, even though it can be expensive, many men and women are considering hairline correction transplant surgery.

Hairline correction is a delicate surgery, with subtle yet noticeable effects. On the other hand, it is a difficult surgery and some people who are not satisfied with prior effects …

B vitamins for your health! FORHAIR Korea

The importance of Vitamin B and how to get it

> Vitamin B effects  :: Help improve chronic fatigue!! B vitamins are water soluble and include Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin, Piridoxin (B6), Pantotenic acid, Cobalamin (B12), Folic acid, Biotin for a total of 8 vitamins. These nutrients help convert our food into fuel, giving us energy throughout the day. 
Vitamin B helps improve the immune system, nerves, and helps boost metabolism. This leads to increased energy levels for those with chronic fatigue.
> Vitamin B complex functions  As aforementioned, B vitamins help the body metabolize fats and protein. Since these vitamins are water soluble, the body does not store them and they exit the body through excretion. 
For women with Vitamin B deficiency, there is a chance of depression or premenstrual syndrome (PMS) so women should take care and try to get more Vitamin B’s. 
> Foods containing B vitamins and functions
Vitamin B2 : This nutrient helps with eye fatigue and vision.…