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Things to know about hair transplant and process

Ever curious about hair transplants?

Everyone knows that stress is bad, but did you know that stress is harmful not only to our health, but also our hairs?! Many instances of balding men feel a negative effect on their confidence and become image-conscious due to their baldness. This is amplified especially in a society that places a high value on appearance. These people are looking at treatment options, and in some cases, younger people are also getting hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant isn’t magic – it involves rearranging existing hairs to cover and restore hair to desired areas. Hence, it is logical to get treatment when there are more donor hairs available.

- The easiest way to restore hair is through FUE hair transplant surgery. This post will talk about things to know for those who have decided to get hair transplant surgery.

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# Before hair transplant surgery: A detailed and informative consultation

The first step before ever deciding hair transplant surgery is to be informed about hair loss. “What causes it? What are the symptoms?” are just some of the questions to consider. While it’s easy to find information online, it’s better to consult with a Hair loss specialist.

- Next, we’ll look at the steps you can take after consulting and deciding on hair transplant surgery.

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# Hair transplant surgery process: Surgery method and techniques for high engraftment rate

For those people concerned with the linear scar that forms after incisional hair transplant, non-incisional FUE hair transplant is recommended.
FUE hair transplant technique was developed after incisional hair transplant, and there are virtually unnoticeable scars because donor hairs are extracted individually. In addition, there is minimal pain after surgery so the recovery is quicker. Also, local anesthesia is used so it is safer and you don’t need to worry about complications due to anesthesia..

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Just as important as the surgical technique are the tools used. Now, let’s talk about what kinds of tools should be used to improve hair transplant engraftment rate.

A hand-operated punch device allows one-by-one extraction of hairs. This serves to reduce the chance of follicular damage as well as selection of quality hair grafts.

- In addition, a SLIT tool in the hands of an experienced doctor can make precise surgery sites for hair implantation. Surgery sites are made with customizeable depth, minimizing the chance of scarring on the surgery area. Then, when the grafts are placed, they can secure themselves in a ‘snug fit’ for natural looking results.

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# After hair transplant: Postop scalp care is important

Aftercare after any surgery is vital and it is the same for hair transplant surgery cases. Scalp care is necessary to make sure the grafts are not dislodged. The most important thing after hair transplant surgery is to keep the scalp very clean. A clean scalp leads to growth of healthy hairs!

Even if there are 2 different people who got the same kind of hair transplant procedure, their results can change dramatically based on the surgery method and tools used. At FORHAIR, in addition to the benefits of minimally FUE hair surgery, we provide specialized scalp and proper postop care. For best results, FORHAIR.

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