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Questions about baldness - Answered!

Misconceptions about balding Yes or No

There is a vast amount of information on the internet about balding. However, there are many misconceptions about balding that can hinder or in some cases make balding or hair loss worse! This post will help clear up these misconceptions with medically proven treatments and info.

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NO – Balding can be prevented with anti-balding shampoos.

While using anti-balding shampoos certainly won’t make balding worse, just depending on them could give you a false sense of security. Baldness is a progressive condition, and it is recommended to get clinically proven treatment to treat it.

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NO – Protein supplements can make baldness worse.

There are instances of people who took protein supplements to increase muscle mass and they feel that their hair loss started or got worse. However, there is little to no correlation between protein supplements and baldness. Instead, physical exhaustion due to excess exercise or changes in diet are more likely causes of balding or hair loss symptoms. 

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YES- Baldness can be treated.

The most common misconception among those suffering from hair loss or baldness is that ‘my baldness can’t be treated’. However, there are two clinically proven kinds of treatment. Either hair loss specific medication or hair transplants.

For medications, US-FDA approved Finasteride and Minoxidil work to treat hair loss. However, both are controlled substances that require a doctor’s prescription and require at least 6 months usage to see effects.

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On the other hand, hair transplants are available. Hair transplant involves taking balding-resistant hairs from the back of the head and then transplanting them. The advantage of hair transplants is that the transplanted hairs are not affected by hair loss and so they will last for as long as their natural lifetime.

IF the hair loss condition has progressed, hair transplants should be considered. For optimal results, even after hair transplants the use of hair loss medications is recommended.

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