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[Health Tips] Cerebral infarction prevention tips and info

Cerebral infarction – How to prevent them?

Cerebral infarction occurs when a blood clot forms in the cerebral artery hindering blood flow and the oxygen supply to brain cells is blocked.

This kind of cerebral infarction is usually caused by cholesterol levels, and so just by changing dietary patterns it can be prevented.

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| What is a cerebral infarction?

Cerebral infarction in layman terms is when parts of brain matter enter necrosis and die leading to permanent damage to afflicted areas.
It is usually a complication due to diabetes and high blood pressure. Symptoms of cerebral infarction include paralysis in parts of the body / numbness / impaired vision / difficulty speaking/ among others.

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| Helpful foods?

The number of people experiencing cerebral infarctions is increasing, most likely due to increased Westernized diet : instant and flour based foods should be limited, meat eating should be reduced. If possible, eating a diet rich in vegetables and ingesting less sodium content is best.

An especially helpful food is “cheonma” (Chinese yam). Cheonma contains gastrodin which helps to remove cholesterol and fat built up in the arteries. Blood circulation is improved which helps all bodily functions. It also acts to protect brain nerves helping boost memory retention and by extension aids in preventing stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

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