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About hair transplant shaving

Is shaving always necessary for hair transplant?
As medical techniques improve, more and more surgeries are less invasive and leave little to no scars. Hair transplants are no exception. Whereas in Strip surgery, there is a telltale linear scar, the more recently developed FUE technique leaves no such scar. In addition, FUE surgery has several surgery methods including Full Shaven / Partial Shaven / Non Shaven, the latter options leave almost no visible change to the current hairstyle. Many people with hair loss are sensitive about their appearance and this post will talk about the types of hair transplant surgery and information about shaving.
| Kinds of hair transplants? There are two main types of hair transplant surgery depending on the method of extraction. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is the most recent developed technique leaves little scarring and has a quick recovery time. Only the required amount of hairs are extracted and since no stitches are required, postop care…

Frequent shampooing leads to hair loss and other questions answered

Hair loss fact or fiction

There is a vast amount of information about hair loss. However, due to the enormous amount of information sometimes it can make you more confused. This posting will help clear up some of these confusing issues.

# Wearing a wig or hat will cause hair fall?

The belief that wearing a hat will cut off circulation and thus cause hair loss is incorrect. As long as the hat is not super tight or constricting, circulation should be fine. The causes of hair loss are usually deep within the scalp – covering your hair with a hat is not a problem.
That being said, when wearing a hat or cap, make sure it’s not too constricting, and for summer time it’s best to wear something that has good ventilation.

#Starting and then stopping hair loss medication usage leads to increased hair loss?

For those with Male Pattern Baldness who take then stop hair loss medication use, the effects will wear off over a year and their hairs will revert to their pre-medication state. In addition, since…

Successful hair transplant surgery how-to

Best hair transplant result conditions

Hair transplants require much detail and extreme focus. In addition to hair transplant surgery itself, the surrounding environment requires several conditions for the best surgery results.

1) Hair transplant surgery requires sanitized equipment!
The surgery room should be specialized for hair transplant surgery. A clean and sanitized surgery room is of utmost important for successful hair transplant surgeries.
Since hair transplant surgery involves extracting donor hairs and then placing on scalp – the surgery tools used must be sanitized. Keeping the surgery equipment and tools used clean is the basics for any hair transplant procedure.

2) Hair graft specialized equipment and systems are required
Hair grafts can be damaged quite easily, and should not be left exposed for extended periods of time. That is why hair graft monitoring and care is important. Trained follicular technicians and staff must always be on standby to make sure everything is ke…

Differences between hair transplants

Hair transplant differs depending on gender

For those people interested in getting hair transplants, the goal of surgery can change based on the gender. For most men, large and wide coverage of their receding hairline, crown areas are the main concern while for women, correcting an uneven hairline is a priority.

▶ Male hair transplant surgery method

There are two main kinds of hair transplants: incision (strip surgery) or non-incision, commonly called FUE surgery. There are advantages and disadvantages of both, and the choice of surgery is up to the patient.

Incision or strip (FUT) surgery 
An incision is made, a strip of skin is cut from the scalp, and then hairs are extracted and transplanted.

Surgery times are relatively shorter, with lower costs and good effectiveness, but there is an unavoidable linear scar at the back of the head. In addition, since the incision area requires stiches and sutures, recovery time can be longer. Compared to FUE surgery, there tends to be more pain and…

Hair Transplant results How-to

Post operative hair transplant info

For hair transplants, post operative care is just as if not more important than the surgery itself. The reason being is because there is time required for the hair grafts to settle properly. That’s why this posting will talk about postop precautions and how to care for them carefully after surgery.

Precautions for right after surgery 1) For one week after surgery it’s recommended to avoid overly hot places (such as saunas).
2) For 3 days after surgery, it’s recommended to sleep with your head in an elevated position (approx. 45 degrees). This aids in improving circulation which promotes healing.
3) It’s recommended to not wear caps that are too tight or constricting right after surgery.

Smoking and drinking after hair transplant surgery It’s good to avoid smoking and drinking right after surgery. After surgery, hairs will temporarily fall out. Then, with nutrient and oxygen supplied will start to grow again. Smoking can constrict blood vessels and drinki…

Importance of Hairline Design

What goes into good Hairline Design?

One of the big factors that decide a good hair transplant is the design. A lot of factors need to be considered including target surgery area, proportion, balance in respect to the patient’s head, shape and size. Hairline design is essential in determining and achieving successful surgery results. The representative things to consider when designing the hairline is a patient’s age, hair characteristics, facial contours, gender. Then, creating the design with all things considered is performed.

▲ Source :: Hair Transplantation textbook
# Korea Hair Transplant :: Age a factor for hairline design While a patient’s age is important when designing the hairline, it’s also important to be able to predict how the hairline can mature as the patient ages. Hairline recession is sometimes a natural part of aging and thus the hair transplant design should be made with that in mind.
# Korea Hair Transplant :: Facial contour and scalp areas a factor For more abundant…

Hair grafts vs Hairs?

Hair graft counting
Hair transplants are one of the best ways to treat hair loss and with noticeable and often times significant results. There are two main ways of counting for hair transplant surgery: counting by hairs and counting by hair grafts. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘hairs’ and ‘hair grafts’, what’s the difference?                       Source: Hair Transplantation textbook # Hair graft counting VS Hair counting Actually, when hairs grow out, they can range from one to four hairs in a socket. Hair grafts are attached to tissues, blood vessels, and the skin. This ‘pouch’ is referred to as a follicle or hair graft. Most hair transplant clinics see this as a ‘group’ and thus count by hair grafts. However, there are other clinics who take this ‘group’, split the hairs into singles, and then transplant them while counting by ‘hairs’. This results in a healthy hair graft (which contains 2~4 hairs) becoming damaged, naturally.
# Advantages of counting by hair graft In hair transp…

Questions about baldness - Answered!

Misconceptions about balding – Yes or No
There is a vast amount of information on the internet about balding. However, there are many misconceptions about balding that can hinder or in some cases make balding or hair loss worse! This post will help clear up these misconceptions with medically proven treatments and info.

NO – Balding can be prevented with anti-balding shampoos.
While using anti-balding shampoos certainly won’t make balding worse, just depending on them could give you a false sense of security. Baldness is a progressive condition, and it is recommended to get clinically proven treatment to treat it.

NO – Protein supplements can make baldness worse.
There are instances of people who took protein supplements to increase muscle mass and they feel that their hair loss started or got worse. However, there is little to no correlation between protein supplements and baldness. Instead, physical exhaustion due to excess exercise or changes in diet are more likely causes of balding…

Things to know about hair transplant and process

Ever curious about hair transplants?

Everyone knows that stress is bad, but did you know that stress is harmful not only to our health, but also our hairs?! Many instances of balding men feel a negative effect on their confidence and become image-conscious due to their baldness. This is amplified especially in a society that places a high value on appearance. These people are looking at treatment options, and in some cases, younger people are also getting hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant isn’t magic – it involves rearranging existing hairs to cover and restore hair to desired areas. Hence, it is logical to get treatment when there are more donor hairs available.

- The easiest way to restore hair is through FUE hair transplant surgery. This post will talk about things to know for those who have decided to get hair transplant surgery.

# Before hair transplant surgery: A detailed and informative consultation

The first step before ever deciding hair transplant surgery is to be info…

[Health Tips] Cerebral infarction prevention tips and info

Cerebral infarction – How to prevent them?

Cerebral infarction occurs when a blood clot forms in the cerebral artery hindering blood flow and the oxygen supply to brain cells is blocked.

This kind of cerebral infarction is usually caused by cholesterol levels, and so just by changing dietary patterns it can be prevented.

| What is a cerebral infarction?

Cerebral infarction in layman terms is when parts of brain matter enter necrosis and die leading to permanent damage to afflicted areas.
It is usually a complication due to diabetes and high blood pressure. Symptoms of cerebral infarction include paralysis in parts of the body / numbness / impaired vision / difficulty speaking/ among others.
| Helpful foods?

The number of people experiencing cerebral infarctions is increasing, most likely due to increased Westernized diet : instant and flour based foods should be limited, meat eating should be reduced. If possible, eating a diet rich in vegetables and ingesting less sodium content is…

Why Korea for hair transplant?

Why Korea for hair transplant?

As the number of people with hair loss and balding are increasing, there are more and more hair transplant centers and scalp clinics forming.

Nearby in Japan, there are many locals getting hair transplants.
People from China, Thailand, the Philippines, and other ethnicities are getting hair transplants.

FUE hair transplants are preferred all over the world

Now, not only for celebrities, even regular people are getting FUE hair transplants at FORHAIR.
FORHAIR surgeries have a fast recovery period and no conflict with taking flights.

Those travelling from overseas who don’t have too long a period to stay in Korea prefer FUE hair transplants due to the aforementioned benefits. In addition, since there is minimal downtime, many foreigners come to enjoy a quick trip and Korea experience in addition to their FUE hair transplant surgery.

Korean hair transplant skills

FUE at FORHAIR Korea is the most advanced technique and surgical method for hair transplant …