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[Hair transplant info] What is the right hair transplant for me?

What is the right hair transplant for me?

Balding can be referred to empty spaces formed due to hair fall where typically there should be hairs there. Also, thinning and weakening of hairs usually coincides with hair loss (balding).
Hair follicles go through 3 phases: Anagen (growth phase), Catagen, and Telogen (resting phase). These occur naturally and each hair follicle goes through a cycle of growth, hair fall, and regrowth – hair fall of around 100 hairs a day is not a concern. However, as this cycle becomes shorter, hairs can become weaker and fall out easier resulting in hair loss/balding.

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Two scientifically proven treatment methods exist: One is non surgical ‘Medication treatment’ and the other is ‘Surgical treatment’.

Among the two, hair transplant surgery takes balding-resistant hairs from the back of the head and places them into empty areas on the scalp. Interestingly, hairs from the back of the head are resistant to thinning and balding and keep these characteristics when transplanted to other areas. Hence, hair transplants are an effective way to provide hair restoration results.

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# Hair graft vs Hairs grafted

There are two main kinds of hair transplant typically referred to as STRIP (FUT or FUSS) and FUE, respectively. When considering hair transplant, you may wonder how the total hairs grafted are counted. Regardless of the hair transplant surgery method, Strip or FUE surgery, usually count by hair grafts. It sounds confusing but basically 1 hair graft can contain between 1-3 hairs. (some people have more than 3 hairs in 1 hair graft!)

The advantage of counting by hair grafts is that hair density can be managed better and placed as desired. Also, using whole hair grafts minimizes damage to the hair follicles and improves hair transplant engraftment rate.

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# Strip hair transplant surgery

Strip surgery involves making an incision on the back of the head, then cutting up the excised skin to separate and collect the required hair follicles. Due to the incision of skin from the scalp there will be a long linear scar and not to mention there can be a higher transection rate for hair follicles.

The cost is comparatively cheaper than non-incision FUE surgery, but due in part to the linear scar formation, healing and recovery time is longer than FUE.

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# FUE hair transplant surgery

FUE (follicular unit extraction) was developed after Strip surgery and is thus a more advanced technique. Just like the name implies, each follicular unit is individually extracted. The big advantage is that there is no strip of skin that is excised, leading to minimal pain and quick recovery. For example, you could get surgery in one day and go back to work in 1-2 days!

Both methods of hair transplant surgery have their respective strengths and weaknesses. You should carefully consider your hair loss situation, budget, estimated downtime, and other factors before deciding on surgery. Most of all, it’s important to go to a specialized and well-experienced clinic. FORHAIR Korea is an FUE only specialized clinic with over 25 years of experience and surgical know-how.

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