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[Hair transplant info] What is the right hair transplant for me?

What is the right hair transplant for me?

Balding can be referred to empty spaces formed due to hair fall where typically there should be hairs there. Also, thinning and weakening of hairs usually coincides with hair loss (balding).
Hair follicles go through 3 phases: Anagen (growth phase), Catagen, and Telogen (resting phase). These occur naturally and each hair follicle goes through a cycle of growth, hair fall, and regrowth – hair fall of around 100 hairs a day is not a concern. However, as this cycle becomes shorter, hairs can become weaker and fall out easier resulting in hair loss/balding.

Two scientifically proven treatment methods exist: One is non surgical ‘Medication treatment’ and the other is ‘Surgical treatment’.

Among the two, hair transplant surgery takes balding-resistant hairs from the back of the head and places them into empty areas on the scalp. Interestingly, hairs from the back of the head are resistant to thinning and balding and keep these characteristics when …

Winter Hair Loss Prevention

Winter Hair Loss Prevention

The cold and dry weather in the winter is a difficult time for all of us. Healthy scalp care is very important to help prevent hair loss, especially in this kind of weather. Here are some ways to prevent winter hair loss that can be done in just 5 minutes!

Massage the scalp 5 times a day
The scalp can build up with oil and sebum especially in the dry winter season. Regular massaging can help boost circulation which can help hairs grow healthier, leading to stronger hairs and less hair loss. As we age, our scalp’s various network of blood vessels can become slower and clogged leading to less nourishment available for the hairs, this is a common cause of hair fall. Due to this, it’s essential to cleanse the scalp well. When hair washing, it’s recommended to wash in a circular motion with the fingertips – This leads to increased blood flow throughout the scalp and healthier hairs!

Hair wash in less than 5 minutes
Hair loss occurs when the follicles become weakene…

FUE Hair Transplant How-to

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery, How-to
Hair transplants to treat baldness are gaining popularity not only among celebrities, but also for everyday people and interest in procedures is also growing. This post will talk about Non shaven FUE hair transplants.

| Who is a candidate for non shaven FUE hair transplant?

In general, celebrities whose job require them to be out and about are good candidates for non shaven FUE hair transplant. However, non shaven FUE hair transplant is recommended for anyone who is interested in little downtime, quick recovery, and those who want to keep their current hairstyle.

| What is FUE hair transplant?

The most advanced and minimally invasive method of hair transplant surgery. Hairs that are resistant to balding and thinning are extracted from the occipital area (back of the head) one-by-one, then transplanted in desired areas. The method of implantation is the key to engraftment rates and successful results.
| What is most important for FUE hair transplant?