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Blog posting by FORHAIR Patient - CIT Box-Cut Hair Transplant Surgery

This is a translated version of a blog posting made by our patient who has had a CIT Box-Cut (Partial Shaven) method.

The original Korean posting can be found on:


Male Hair Transplant Surgery - CIT Box-Cut

For 2 ~ 3 days following surgery, you have to spray post-hair transplant surgery every hour on the recipient area to prevent the recipient area from becoming dry. Also, the day following your surgery you have to visit the clinic for bandage removal and shampooing. When shampooing at home, you have to avoid touching the recipient area for 2 weeks with your hands, towel or with strong wind (hair dryer). It is best to dry the recipient area naturally or with low cold wind of your hand dryer. This is close up photo of my recipient area after one week.  This is with my fringe down after 1 week. As you can see my recipient area is hidden under my fringe. [The two photos were tak…