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[FORHAIR News] FORHAIR Korea wins Korean Health and Medical Grand Prize Award 2014!

FORHAIR Hair Transplant Group Korea recently was award the 2014, Korean Health and Medical Grand Prize Award for it's excellent medical service on July 9th 2014.

The Korean Health and Medical Awards was established to recognize the rising health and medical service providers and or industries that have and will in the future further strengthen the growth of Korean health and medical industry in the international stage.

The awards ceremony was sponsored by major Korean health departments such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, National  Health and Welfare Commission,  Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, National Health Insurance.

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[Hair Restoration Information] What can I expect after my hair transplant surgery?

What is the recovery process following a hair restoration surgery? 
Recently hair restoration surgery has become very popular among hair loss suffers as well as individuals looking to redesign their hairlines for cosmetic reasons. As more and more hair transplant clinics emerge and the procedure becoming easily accessible, many individuals find themselves less than satisfied as they were not fully aware of the recovery process. 
Hair transplant surgery requires one of the longest recovery periods for cosmetic surgeries. The surgery is not as straight forward and easy as implanting hairs and the hairs just growing out. It can take up to 12 months for you to see final results of the surgery. 
The below is a review of one of our patients (translated from the patient's personal blog) outlining his experience from Day 2 after surgery to 6 month after surgery. 

Patient's blog:      (Language: Korean) 

Day 2 After Surgery

Surgery Method: FUE …