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[Article] Hair Transplant, Misconceptions of Hairline Correction Surgery

Our Seoul resident surgeon, Dr. Yoon-Suh, Jung recently wrote on an online newspaper article to inform individuals of some of the misconceptions surrounding hair transplant surgery.

The article below is a transplanted version of the article and the link to the original article is below.

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The number of people getting hair transplant surgery has increased compared to the past, however there are still many misconceptions surrounding hair transplant surgery because of its high price tag and its’ perception as a surgery only for those experiencing hair loss.

Most common misunderstanding related to hair transplant surgery evolve around the donor follicles. As most do not associate hairs with an organ, they believe that hairs from other individuals can be extracted and implanted on them. It is not impossible to harvest donors from one subject and transplant it to another subject, however like other major organ transplant, the patient needs to take immunosuppressive drugs as the body will attack the graft cells identifying it as an external threat. The immunosuppressive drugs work to lower the immunity of an individual so that the body does not attack the implanted cells. As your immunity is weakened it will stop attacking the viruses and microorganism that needs to be attacked exposing the individual to possible health risks. As there are no individuals who are willing to sacrifice their health for a cosmetic surgery such as hair transplant surgery, it is general that a hair transplant is performed using one’s own donor follicles.    

There are misconceptions surrounding the donor harvesting process. Hair transplant surgery involves harvesting hair follicles from the donor area and implanting it to the recipient area. Hair follicle is the white root that is attached to the end of the hair when a hair is pulled out from the scalp. As the engraftment rate of the follicle cell reduces drastically as the time it is exposed in the air increases, the follicles are extracted with the surrounding scalp skin on harvesting. As the follicles are extracted with the scalp skin, it needs to go through a process of division.

It is widely believed that hair transplant surgery is only for men experiencing hair loss. However, hairline hair transplant surgery which creates a more rounded feminine hairline has become very popular among women who have to have to wear their hairs in an all back style due to their job descriptions (i.e. Flight Attendant, Celebrities). As hair loss is not considered as a disease, hair transplant is starting to gain recognition as one of aesthetic procedure performed to enhance ones appearance.

Despite much repulsion towards hair transplant surgery disappearing recently with many celebrities sharing their hair transplant surgery experiences on various media sources, there is still a perception that to have hair transplant surgery, it will involve a large invoice, effort and time.

FORHAIR Hair Transplant Centre’s Dr. Yoon-Suh, Jung explains that “Although it is true that an individual would have to have continual hair loss treatment and scalp management after their hair transplant surgery, as the fully engrafted hairs do not fall out, an individual can expect a definite improvement to their hair loss condition”. She also added that, As there are many myths and unverified information floating around on the internet, it is smart not to consume everything as being indisputable fact but rather it is better for you to visit a hair transplant clinic and speak to a hair transplant specialist”. 

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