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[Article] FUE Hair Transplantation! The reason why surgery is not the end...

Hairloss sufferers preparing for a hair transplant surgery will search online for hair transplant review or visit a hair transplant clinic for a consultation in search for a clinic that best appeals to their needs.

Also, there are people that decide to travel outside of their countries for their surgery due to the attraction of a less expensive price tag. There are also people that weigh the pros and cons of opting for a STRIP procedure or FUE, and/ or an ‘Implanter pen’ implantation or SLIT implantation technique in order to bring about the best possible outcome.
Contrary to the efforts people put into deciding on a clinic or a surgery method for their surgery, there are many that neglect their post-surgery care soon after their surgeries believing that they are in the clear as their initial grafts engraftment period is over.

It is true that the transplanted hairs do not usually fall out once it has engrafted to the scalp completely. However, for patients that suffer from hair loss of hereditary nature or hair loss due to male hormone related causes, it is important for these patients to care for the remaining hairs that have not been transplanted.

Then, what are the things hair loss suffers can take note of when carrying out their normal daily lives?

Firstly, your diet is very important. Hair loss suffers should avoid excessive fat or carbohydrate consumption. Too much fat or carbohydrate intake will increase sebum secretion and lead to production of dandruffs and in severe cases will cause scalp abnormality and cause adverse effects to follicular cell activity.

Also, it is helpful to avoid ‘4 White Foods’; white rice, white sugar, white flour, white salt (Table Salt). White rice, sugar and flour is easily converted into sugar in the body and promotes insulin secretion. It is advisable that people substitute these with brown rice, honey and whole wheat flour for a healthier diet and hair growth. Table salts may be substituted with unrefined/ sun-dried natural salt, but too much salt intake increases the blood pressure so it is better to have your food slightly bland with not too much salt.

Drinking coffee after a meal or smoking also contributes to accelerating hair loss. Caffeine in a cup of coffee increases your blood pressure and induces stress Nicotine inside a cigarette interferes with blood circulation and decreases the body temperature negatively influencing on the health of the hairs.   

In saying this, Dr. O-Sung Kwon of FORHAIR Hair Transplant Group Korea states that “although a hair transplant surgery is successful, you can’t consider it as resolving the hair loss problem completely, so people need to take care with their diets”. He also adds that “individuals suffering from male hair loss should avoid eating peanuts and yeast which are known to be negative foods for hair loss to maintain their hair loss better”.

Article by Ki-Hong, Min 

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