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[Article] FUE Hair Transplantation! The reason why surgery is not the end...

Hairloss sufferers preparing for a hair transplant surgery will search online for hair transplant review or visit a hair transplant clinic for a consultation in search for a clinic that best appeals to their needs.
Also, there are people that decide to travel outside of their countries for their surgery due to the attraction of a less expensive price tag. There are also people that weigh the pros and cons of opting for a STRIP procedure or FUE, and/ or an ‘Implanter pen’ implantation or SLIT implantation technique in order to bring about the best possible outcome. Contrary to the efforts people put into deciding on a clinic or a surgery method for their surgery, there are many that neglect their post-surgery care soon after their surgeries believing that they are in the clear as their initial grafts engraftment period is over.
It is true that the transplanted hairs do not usually fall out once it has engrafted to the scalp completely. However, for patients that suffer from hair loss o…

[Article] Hair Transplant, Misconceptions of Hairline Correction Surgery

Our Seoul resident surgeon, Dr. Yoon-Suh, Jung recently wrote on an online newspaper article to inform individuals of some of the misconceptions surrounding hair transplant surgery.

The article below is a transplanted version of the article and the link to the original article is below.

The number of people getting hair transplant surgery has increased compared to the past, however there are still many misconceptions surrounding hair transplant surgery because of its high price tag and its’ perception as a surgery only for those experiencing hair loss.
Most common misunderstanding related to hair transplant surgery evolve around the donor follicles. As most do not associate hairs with an organ, they believe that hairs from other individuals can be extracted and implanted on them. It is not impossible to harvest donors from one subject and transplant it to another subject, however like other major organ transplant, …