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Hair loss Treatment│ Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solution

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Solutions

There a number of non-medical hair loss solutions for those suffering hair loss. Some of these include hairpieces (Wigs), concealment products, hair building fibers and the laser comb. 

Hair Replacements (Hairpieces, Hair Systems)

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A good solution for individuals with extensive hair loss, hairpieces can be used to disguise hair loss being less intrusive and less expensive to other medical therapies of restoring hair. Although, it can be a convenient method of disguising your hair loss, it is not recommended for the young and has minimal hair loss.

The downside to wearing hairpieces is that it may be hot to wear in summer and it requires regular maintenance in order to keep them looking their best. You might also have to deal with the concern of being unmasked.

Hairpieces are commonly made from either synthetic or human hair (produces more superior product). The cost of wigs and hairpieces vary according to quality and material. Products manufactured in bulks are less expensive whereas hand-made products are more expensive due to their higher quality. The cost may vary from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000. 

Toppik and Concealers

hair replacements info, non surgical hair loss, forhair korea

If the extent of your hair loss is minimal, it may be able to be disguised using concealment products such as Toppik, Couvre and Dermatch. These products help to make your hair appear thicker and it reduces the appearance of contrast between your hair and the areas of thinning or baldness.

Toppik uses color-matched micro-fibers bind to the hair making it appear thicker with the effects lasting up to two days if the hair is left unwashed. 
Couvre helps to reduce the contrast between the scalp and the hairline being an alopecia masking lotion type product.

Dermatch is a hard-packed powder formula that is applied by rubbing on hair or scalp and brushing. Each application will last until the next time hair is washed.

Laser Comb - HairMax
hair replacements info, non surgical hair loss, forhair korea

HairMax, FDA cleared, non-invasive device have been proven by multiple studies to be effective in improving hair counts and/or reducing the progression of hair loss.

It uses phototherapy and has a patented hair-parting device that permits light to extend to the scalp. A study published January 2014 has confirmed the benefits of lasercomb on terminal hair growth at least over a short 26-week period. Although it may need further study, so far it has been proven to restore, revitalize and rejuvenate the hair.

The price of this device ranges from $260 to $600 dollars. 

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