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FORHAIR Korea │A Choice you won’t regret – Trust us for your Hair Loss Solution

Why Choose FORHAIR Medical Group Korea

For more than two decades, people with all types of hair loss have found answers at FORHAIR Medical Group. Here are some reasons why more than 2000 people every year and 10,000 people so far have already chosen FORHAIR for their hair loss solution.  


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We take the time you need

Every patient and their hair loss condition has an individual set of circumstances. FORHAIR Medical Group surgeons take the time to listen and thoroughly examine your specific hair loss condition. Our physicians provide you with an unhurried, precise consultation. FORHAIR Medical Group’s evaluations accumulate more information on your condition than other clinics by measuring your individual hair characteristics.

Therefore, consultations at FORHAIR Medical Group generally last longer than industry standards in our effort to provide thorough and accurate consultations. Also, to ensure our patients get the due care they deserve, we follow a strict 1 Day 1 Surgery policy.

Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointment.   

Satisfied patients and an unparalleled experience

Our patients tell us that the quality of their interactions, our attention to detail and the effectiveness of their visit equate to a hair loss evaluation unlike anything they've experienced anywhere else. Every patient that undertakes their hair restoration surgery at FORHAIR will receive an A/S Warranty Certificate guaranteeing our surgery success otherwise a free re-surgery. Take time to read the chronicles of satisfied FORHAIR Medical Group patients.

Innovation and research

Part of FORHAIR Medical Group's mission is to keep looking for new and better ways of improving our skills and services. FORHAIR Medical Group doctors are actively engaged in research related to your condition. Often this research is part of a multiple center trial. Our patients are among the first to benefit from innovative ideas and the latest research generated by FORHAIR doctors and researchers.

 FORHAIR also operates the Cole Instruments Company constantly developing and manufacturing hair transplant surgery instruments to serve specific requirements of the CIT/ C2G surgery. Hair Transplant instruments and tools can be purchased through our Cole Instruments 

Top-rated institution
FORHAIR Medical Group shows up at or near the top in a variety of quality measures. Both patients and physicians rate FORHAIR Medical Group among the top in both the USA and Asia. Dr. Cole was the first hair transplant doctor to perform FUE in USA and he received the ‘Golden Follicle Award’ from ISHRS in 2013


 FORHAIR Medical Group offers the latest in hair transplant technology and advancements.  We are pioneers of the industry, far detached from imitating other clinics. We are able to offer optimal evaluations and the most advanced treatment options to our patients

Experience and Reach
FORHAIR Medical Group has been around for decades. We have years of experience treating all conditions for hair loss. Our reach is broad extending from the USA to Asia, as well as Europe. We've treated people from every state in America and around the world. Our patients have testified that they were highly satisfied with their experiences at FORHAIR.

Free Consultation with FORHAIR Hair Transplant 
TEL: +82 70 7730 4706 (office)

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Free Consultation with FORHAIR Hair Transplant  TEL: +82 70 7730 4706 (office) Mobile: +82 10 2044 3993 E-mail: Facebook: Website: