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Dr. John P. Cole

Founded by Dr. John P. Cole, our “FORHAIR” Medical Group developed a cutting edge procedure known as the Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®) that opened new horizons for the hair transplantation surgery. We are pioneers of research and hair loss based in Atlanta, USA with more than 200 employees in Asia and five clinics around the world. 

For the past 25 years, Dr. Cole has been dedicated to treating hair loss and searching for new techniques rather than applying the pre-existing ones. Inspired by creativity and new methods, his constant endeavors have delivered amazing results in restoring the confidence of his patients. With the invention of the customized tools specific to the requirements of the CIT® method, the procedure can be performed without leaving behind scars to the naked eye. To further his research, Dr. Cole is currently studying hair multiplication and the prospect looks promising for the near future. Body hair transplantation (BHT) remains a tremendous success.

dr cole hair transplant, fue hair transplant, fue korea, forhair korea
Dr. O Sung Kwon

Our FORHAIR Medical Group is committed to becoming a global leader for integrated solutions to hair loss and operates with the finest medical staffs. 

As the leading hair transplant group in the world, we promise to deliver and push further.

We aim to deliver continuous client-orientated hair loss solution as global leaders in hair loss treatment. 

We pursue only the finest quality of care based upon our years of experience. We care for those who have placed their trust in us for their hair loss solutions. 

We deliver the best possible solution for hair loss.
Our focus is on providing the finest quality and solution for hair loss based upon our years of experience and pride. Our foremost interest lies within our patients, industry innovations, and to our shareholders.

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