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Best Hair Transplant │FORHAIR Korea's Cole Isolation Technique [CIT]

Exclusive to FORHAIR Hair Transplant Group - CIT®

Cole Isolation Technique (CIT®) is a specialized method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Developed by Dr. John P. Cole in the early 2000’s, this innovative procedure revolutionized the hair loss industry. Inspired by FUE hair transplantations done by Dr. Masumi Inaba, Dr. Ray Woods, and Dr. William Rassman, Dr. Cole felt that many patients desired transplantations without notable linear scars on the back of their scalps, prompting him to develop CIT® as a proprietary technique.

CIT® is a non-aggressive technique used to harvest individual follicular units from the donor area. Unlike the traditional Strip procedure (FUT), this method leaves no traces of linear scars enabling the patients to design their hair styles short or as they desire on donor and recipient areas. This unique technique offers patients two choices for their donor areas – Shaven and Non-shaven. The CIT technique was developed with the purpose of maximizing aesthetic results, as a solution for alleviating the burden of linear scars and traces of the hair transplant surgery on the donor areas for our patients. In addition, many patients came to Dr. Cole for scar repairs, leading him to seek a better technique to harvest from the donor area. Through years of research and developing his exclusive precision instruments, the CIT® hair transplantation procedure came to be what it is today.

CIT® utilizes self-invented tools to individually harvest each follicular unit. The follicular units are then placed on the areas of ones choice to provide a blending effect as they grow. CIT® maximizes the available donor area for harvesting and allows practitioners to “cherry pick” follicular units. This exclusive method may be used to restore hair loss caused by disease, trauma, androgenic alopecia, scarring alopecia, or other influences that may be strengthened by hair transplant surgery. CIT® may also be applied on other areas of hair loss such as the temples, eyebrows, and facial hair. Most importantly, CIT® maximizes aesthetic results, restores hair, and eliminates the unsightly linear scar observed in strip procedures.

Dr. Cole continually strives to improve his techniques and offer superior advances in the hair transplant industry for both men and women. 

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Advantages of CIT® over STRIP Surgery?
·         Less invasive
·         No linear scars
·         Quick and less painful recovery
·         Low graft damage rate = Less than 3 percent
·         Optimal, aesthetic result, and natural designs
·         High graft survival rate
·         Maximizes donor hair for harvesting
·         Able to “cherry-pick” grafts that will bring optimal engraftment
·         Undetectable trace
·         Can be applied on tight scalps that is not feasible for strip procedures
·         C2G = Non-shaven CIT, Shaving is unnecessary

minimally invasive surgery, fue hair korea, hair loss korea, forhair korea

minimally invasive surgery, fue hair korea, hair loss korea, forhair korea

minimally invasive surgery, fue hair korea, hair loss korea, forhair korea

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