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FORHAIR Real Story

Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea I'm back. Well, I never left, so I guess it's more accurate to say I'm still here. I will post monthly blogs until I reach the 1-year post-surgery mark. This will give any shy or slow-growing hair the chance to emerge, showing the final result as best as I can. Plus, I love posting pictures with my children, so why not? Hopefully we will notice a little growth through the summer.

Week 36~40
My son and me messing around while waiting to eat lunch.
More at-the-apartment candid fun!
My daughter went to her first baseball game. Well, about 20 minutes of the 8th inning...but she enjoyed it!
The "dangers" of rooftop grilling - the sun can be HOT.
I guess we are both making some sort of kissy face. His is much better.
Too bad the lighting was a bit low because I love the composition (and content) of this photo!
Candidly goofing around - as usual.
I cut the hair around my ears and my son's. It makes him look …
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FORHAIR Real Story

Rediscovering My Roots: A Hair Transplant Journey in Korea I had a routine follow-up appointment with FORHAIR earlier this week. I got the standard post-op treatment and had a visit from the doctor. He saie everything looks great, and in his opinion, my transplanted hair has pretty much grown out (grown in?) to capacity. This is bettersweet. I love the fact that my hairs grew in much faster than the estimated 1-year time frame. However, since I was still hoping for more density in the crown area, I now have to consider my options from thie point. I don't think it would take too many more grafts to fill in the area of concern, so I am considering a second surgery. I should talk to FORHAIR in more detail, but hopefully I can work something out. If not, it does look pretty good when shaved short. I have no real qualms with Bruce Willis style. When all is said and done, I have a great life: wonderful kids, a solid job, a loving wife. Some roots have left me, it's true - and I eve…